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Passive House in Montana

air-sealing energy efficiency

Master Carpenter Tom Hellem details the air sealing on a home near Georgetown Lake.

Passive House (or PassivHaus) is an energy efficiency standard originally developed in Germany and is now gaining momentum in the United States.  It targets the first part of the “net-zero” strategy by planning new construction projects to use a very minimal amount of energy.  It combines rigorous numerical performance targets with certified building products and specialized consultants with the aim of reducing building energy use by 75-90% below 1990 levels.  We have a Certified Passive House Consultant on staff, and we are a member of the Passive House Alliance-Northern Rockies Chapter.

We believe Passive House describes a different level of energy efficiency because of its emphasis on performance, rather than prescriptive measures. Energetechs provides the design consulting and installation services for insulation, air sealing details, and HVAC systems that meet Passive House requirements. These systems are new and different from the way construction is traditionally done, and if you want Passive House performance, you’ll need our specialized knowledge.

Passive House presents an opportunity for contractors, clients, and designers because the performance targets create clear goals for the design team to target, ensuring that everyone on the team knows what he/she can expect to have and accomplish when the project is completed. Passive House certified energy modeling tools allow designers to accurately estimate building energy use and comfort prior to construction. Please call us to learn more about Passive House, and how it might apply to your project.

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