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cellulose insulation spray install

Owner Russ Hellem gets down to business with our adhesive spray cellulose equipment.

Insulation is a key component in the comfort and energy efficiency of your home or office. Improper insulation installation can result in health and safety issues like mold, wood rot due to condensation, or combustion safety backdrafting. We provide planning and installation of adhesive spray, dense-pack and loose-fill cellulose as well as spray foam and rigid foam board insulation products for retrofit and new construction projects. Adding insulation to existing buildings requires detailed building science consideration. We strongly encourage you to ask the insulator you are considering about a recent completed project to ascertain whether h/she is aware of the potential health, safety, and durability issues associated with adding additional insulation to an existing building.

The issues of air leakage, heat loss, and moisture can combine to cause serious occupant health and building durability issues. We will not add insulation to any building without performing some basic tests to understand how your building currently functions.  The independent Building Science Corporation has valuable information on their website about the issues associated with insulation. We recommend starting with this article. It’s part of our belief that buildings should enrich our lives, and our environment while minimizing your headache.

 Click the links below to learn more about the products and services we provide and why insulation is about more than just lowering your heating bill.


For the same wall thickness, dense pack or adhesive spray cellulose has been proven to provide 22% better insulation performance over the life of the building when compared to fiberglass batts. It’s also made from recycled newspaper, is completely non-toxic, and flame resistant. It is our insulation of choice, and we specialize in knowing how to use cellulose properly in as many situations as possible. Follow the link to learn about how we can apply cellulose to your project.

Spray Foam

Polyurethane spray foam is versatile and durable, but has some negative environmental impacts and is more expensive than cellulose. Follow the link to learn more.

Air Sealing Services

We are specialists in air tight construction. Air leakage carries heat straight past many insulation products so we consider air sealing to be a critical part of installing insulation effectively. To learn more about insulation and construction work, please visit some related posts on our blog or call us to discuss your project or building.

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