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Our service

Our belief that every building should provide a comfortable, healthy, and efficient indoor environment drives us to provide a wide range of services. We call it “integrated contracting.” We sell and install heating, cooling, and high performance windows, and insulation for new construction and retrofit projects for both commercial and residential projects. We also identify, diagnose, and address many common issues with indoor air quality, condensation, durability, and energy consumption in existing buildings.  Addressing these issues often starts with a comprehensive energy audit. Click below to learn more:

We believe that a building is sustainable because it comfortably meets your needs, while also creating as little material waste, using as little energy, and occupying as little space as possible.  It is sustainable because it is built to last multiple generations, keeps you safe, and reliably protects you from the elements. This means a building performs.  In order to perform, all of the parts of your building must function correctly which leads to our belief that each building is a whole system.  Integrated contracting is about working on all the pieces to ensure they all work together as a whole system. When the building system performs properly it keeps you, your family, or your employees in a comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient environment.  Call us to learn more about why this belief drives us to create buildings that enrich our community and quality of life or follow our blog to get updates on how we are bringing real, simple, sustainable design to western Montana.

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