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Heat & Energy Recovery Ventilation

commercial heat recovery ventilator

A commercial heat recovery ventilator installed at a food processing facility.

If the air in your home or office is poor or odoriferous, if you often notice condensation on the windows in the winter time, if you have had a radon test that shows an elevated level, or if there are signs of mold or mildew in the building, you might be in need of mechanical ventilation.  We can help you find the root of these issues, determine the right solution, and install practical, reliable equipment to permanently address the issues.  There are many ways to ventilate a building, but often a heat recovery ventilation system is the right solution to a variety of problems.

Heat recovery ventilation systems (also called “energy recovery ventilation”) are one of the most common and cost effective ways to address air quality issues while minimizing energy losses. These systems simultaneously bring in fresh, outdoor air, remove the warm stale air and pollutants from the indoor environment, and use the heat from the exhaust air to warm up the outside air so your furnace doesn’t have to.  Montana State Code requires buildings to be built to a relatively “tight” standard which is good for trapping heat that you paid for inside your home, but does not address proper ventilation which often results in the problems discussed above. More information and some great graphics, are available at the US Department of Energy website, here. We offer expert design, installation, and maintenance for heat and energy recovery ventilation systems.   To see this in action visit our blog, or give us a call to discuss your building or system.

heat recovery ventilation diagram

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