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Geo-Thermal Heat Pump


geothermal loop pipe install

Skander rolling out pipe in St. Ignatius

A geo-thermal heat pump also know as a “ground-source” system can often be the most efficient way to provide heating and cooling for a building. These systems use the natural, constant temperature of the earth to store energy, and use water to transfer that energy in and out of your house by running water through piping in underground trenches. These systems can be retrofitted into existing buildings or planned for in a new construction project. These systems also take specific expertise and knowledge to function properly. The details of the installation are usually the biggest factor in whether or not they perform reliably. ¬†Installing a geothermal heat pump system usually involves more upfront cost and has limitations on where and how they can be installed.

The costs associated with a geo-thermal heat pump system are heavily dependent on how well insulated your building is. One of the key factors in how much a system costs is the amount of heating and cooling the system is required to provide. The amount of heating and cooling affects the size of the equipment, the size of the trenches, and the amount of piping necessary for the installation. We provide expert consulting, design, and installation services to ensure you get the most efficient and reliable service out of your geo-thermal heat pump system. We’re still building out our website so check back here soon to learn more or give us a call. You can find more specific details on how this system works on the Wikipedia article.


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