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Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows perform more functions than almost any other component in a building. They stop energy loss, keep water and air out, and let light and heat in. Replacing the windows in your existing building can be one of the more expensive and involved projects in the life of the building, however the benefits of energy efficient windows are numerous. In new construction projects, windows are one of the largest line items, and often require some of the most extensive planning. We provide expert sales and installation for two different lines of custom built, highly energy efficient windows:

Glo European Windows

Glo European Windows is an American company that provides premium quality European-built wood, wood clad, aluminum framed and Passive House windows and high-performing Aluminum doors to the US. They are some of the most energy efficient windows available. They also offer exceptional visible light transmittance and sound damping properties. Due to shipping arrangements, they are best suited to whole house renovations or new construction projects as production and delivery lead time is approximately 15 weeks.  Call us to learn if Glo is the right fit for your project or get more information at

Alpen High Performance Products

Alpen High Performance Products make fiberglass framed energy efficient windows in Boulder, Colorado. They are one of the few American companies that can offer energy performance similar to European models. They are ideal for window replacement projects, come with a lifetime warranty, and production lead time takes approximately 6 weeks. Call us to learn more about putting Alpen in your next project.


Energy Efficient Window Performance

Understanding energy efficient windows can be daunting. Here are the basics: Montana energy code requires walls to be insulated to nominal R-20 but only requires windows to provide an insulating value of R-3 (more R is better). To make it worse, windows are often rated with something called U-Value which is just the mathematical inverse of R-value (a U-value of 0.33 is equal to an R-value of R-3). The point is that windows are far less efficient than the rest of our buildings. Even brand new windows often fail to offer energy performance and long term durability that homeowners expect. Our energy efficient windows provide insulating performance up to R-9, or 300% better. Finding real data on window performance and cost can be difficult. Our team has some of the deepest knowledge available.  We’ve done a lot of research and gathered a large amount of performance data.  Learn more about what different window performance numbers mean here: Window Parameters Explained. Give us a call at 406-721-2741 or send a note to learn more about how energy efficient windows can make you more comfortable and lower your utility bills.

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