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Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump

mini-split heat pump installed

The inside half of an inconspicuous mini-split heat pump.

A mini-split heat pump is an ideal heating and cooling system for very small buildings, specific rooms, or for extremely well insulated buildings like net-zero or PassiveHouse. These systems are simple, reliable, quiet, and offer very efficient operation.  A mini-split heat pump works just like your refrigerator. It moves heat from one body of air i.e. the outdoor environment and pushes that heat to another body of air i.e. the indoor environment. This is the same reason there is hot air coming out of the bottom or back of your refrigerator while pushing cold air inside the refrigerator box.  A mini-split can also provide heat by simply reversing the flow of the refrigerant fluid. We offer installation and repair for both existing and new construction projects. Call us to learn more about how a mini-split heat pump might fit into your project.

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