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Energy Audits in Montana

infrared camera exterior heat loss

Our infrared imaging services help highlight areas of uncontrolled heat loss.

If your home or office is drafty, has condensation or mold issues, or you notice bad air quality, then your building isn’t doing it’s job. A comprehensive energy audit can help determine what underlying issues are causing the problems that make you unhappy. We provide energy audits in the Missoula area, as well as the Bitterroot, Flathead, and Seeley valleys. During the audit we will perform a variety of tests on your building, as well as share our extensive knowledge of construction and building science with you. The result of our audit is a prioritized report including pricing estimates that provide a clear plan of action to improve the long term comfort, health, and energy efficiency of your home or office. This process allows us to determine if sealing and insulating an attic space is more urgent than replacing your windows, or fixing the HVAC in the office next door. Our staff is certified by BPI, the gold standard of auditing, and we encourage you to inquire about how this certification makes us different.

Many people comment they have already had a “free Energy Audit” from a utility company and have a report. Often though, that report isn’t specific enough to help owners understand what the most urgent next steps are. We do charge for our comprehensive audit service, and we pride ourselves in seeing past clients call us back to perform the additional work we recommend. Charges for a comprehensive audit depend on the size of building and type of equipment that serves the building. While utility company audits provide useful information, many of our clients have sought us out to help them to understand this information and assist in creating a plan for the next steps. ¬†Furthermore, many people are not aware of some of the system wide health and safety issues that insulation and air-sealing work can create in homes if careful testing and analysis of the root causes are not performed. Take a look at a few of our projects, or check out a sample audit report, here.

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