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Premium Cellulose Insulation

quality adhesive spray cellulose insulation

Owner Russ Hellem keeps his eyes on the quality of our cellulose insulation jobs.

Recycled cellulose insulation is low cost, highly effective, non-toxic, non-flammable, has low embodied energy, is recycled, and durable.  In short, it’s ideal. Cellulose is a better insulator than fiberglass batts while also being less toxic and more durable. Why doesn’t everyone use cellulose?  It’s not as cheap as a fiberglass batts, and it takes more knowledge and planning to install properly.  From our consulting and energy auditing services, we’ve seen fiberglass batts fall apart, and become useless in too many older houses so as a policy, we no longer use fiberglass batts in our insulation projects.  We provide expert planning and installation of cellulose insulation in three different mediums:

Adhesive Spray: Dry cellulose fibers are mixed with a non-toxic adhesive and sprayed into a wall or floor system to create a durable, high quality insulation fill.

Dense-Pack: Dry cellulose fibers are packed under air pressure into the wall or floor that has been “netted” to hold the insulation in place, creating a durable, high quality insulation fill.

Loose-Fill: Dry cellulose fibers are blown loosely into attic spaces or other horizontal surfaces for maximum loft and R-value.

For more information on cellulose, check out Applegate Insulation a manufacturer, or check out this cool comparison between fiberglass and cellulose insulation from University of Colorado, Denver.  Call us to discuss your project or visit our blog to learn more about some of our installations.

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