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Winter, Water, and Wood

attic ventilation moisture management by Skander Spies The last few weeks in western Montana have been some of the wettest in history. If you have ever had a roof leak, mold problem, or flooded basement, then you probably already know that wood and water don’t always mix. Often in the process of making buildings more energy efficient, we have the opportunity to address issues related to water.…

Cravy Green Remodel Update II

IMG_0268 Our green remodel for the Cravy family has continued to make great progress through the summer. Since our last update, we’ve installed a few more of our core services and taken some fun photos along the way. We spent a bunch of time in the attic. Ventilation ducting, air sealing, baffles, and insulation were all installed sequentially to ensure that the living space is free from drafts and requires minimal heating.…

Crawlspace Improvements Part 1

bad crawlspace insulation Many people are familiar with the health risks associated with the presence of radon in the crawlspace of a home. This post looks at one strategy for a crawlspace improvement that addresses 3 additional comfort and health issues that commonly stem from crawlspaces:
  • Warm, moist air from the living space leaks into the crawlspace and comes in contact with cold concrete walls and cold rim joists, resulting in condensation and mold growth.

Adding More Attic Insulation?

moldy attic, attic sheathing mold damage As an insulation company, our team at Energetechs frequently gets calls to install more attic insulation around western Montana.  These callers are often surprised when we insist on performing an energy audit on the building (and charging them for it) prior to installing more insulation.
Just another all too common moldy attic.…
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