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Building Science Consulting


Building science is a term we use to describe the blend of construction design, structural engineering, fluid flow, and heat transfer that governs how buildings keep the outside away from the inside.  It is an esoteric discipline, but we regularly see and fix buildings with a variety of commonly avoided comfort, health, safety, and energy performance problems. We provide a wide range of specialized consulting services to identify, prevent, and/or mitigate these problems.  We have provided training lectures on building science, energy efficiency, code standards, cost effective sustainable construction for municipal employees, builders, and the general public in the Missoula area.

For homeowners, we can tell you actually why you have mold in your attic, or why you got an ice dam in your roof last winter.  We then discuss the cost of correcting or mitigating the root cause.   Moisture damage, condensation, radon, drafts, frost, poor air quality, and high energy bills all often stem from building science issues.  Our comprehensive energy audit is usually the best place to start.

For contractors, architects, and designers, we provide code required duct blast and air tightness testing, air sealing, moisture management, and ventilation design and consulting services as well as Passive House consulting, certification, and design.

If you have a question about your building, or a problem that you aren’t sure how to address, we can help. Call us to discuss your project or visit our blog to see some of the other work we have done.

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