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Air Sealing Services

Russ-insulating and air-sealing rim joist

We are specialists in air-tight construction. You may have heard that “buildings need to breathe”, but the reality of modern construction knowledge and practice has proven that opinion false (here’s a great piece on why you can’t make your house too air-tight). Air leakage carries heat straight through some insulation systems so we consider air sealing to be a critical part of installing insulation effectively.  Uncontrolled air leakage can cause moisture, condensation, air quality, and comfort problems as well as having a big impact on utility bills. In existing buildings, common air leaks show up from crawlspaces, attached garages, and attic spaces.

Our comprehensive energy audit service will identify where air is leaking from your building and then we will help you develop a plan and budget to mitigate air leakage from your building.  As a complement to our services, we sell air sealing products which include air-tight electrical boxes, drywall and plate gasket, and expanding foam.  For new construction projects, we offer consulting on air-tight construction techniques and our crew can provide detailed air sealing services. If you are a contractor, we are available to provide the mandatory code blower door and duct blast testing for your recently completed project. We are also the authorized distributor for the Prosoco R-Guard wet flash and liquid applied weather barrier system in Montana. Prosoco is the premier air sealing and window flashing product for ultra high performance buildings like the Bullitt Center in Seattle. Please call our office to schedule a blower door test or inquire about Prosoco pricing.

We offer expert diagnosis, design, and installation of air sealing systems for crawlspaces, attics, and wall assemblies. Call us to learn more about how air sealing services can address your comfort, condensation, and energy issues, or visit our blog to learn more about issues that we have addressed in the past.

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